Project objective

The goal of the BSA-Analytics project is to search for pulsars and fast transients of the RRAT/FRB type.
This task was made possible by a combination of a number of factors. These factors are: <

The project was started in 2015, when we created the program BSA-Analytics, discovered first pulsars, and published first articles.

Team of developers

Tyul’bashev S.A. - head of the project. Scientific targets, search and investigation of candidates, analysis.

Tyul’bashev V.S. - programmer. Program BSA-Analytics, primary processing of data, work with server, work with data.

Tyul’basheva G.E. - programmer, web-developer.

Ovchinnikov I.L. - server, hardware and technical part, working with data.

Smirnova T.V., Malofeev V.M. - leading researcher. Investigations of discovered objects.

Kitaeva M.A. - researcher. Processing of observations, search for candidates.

Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory

This picture was taken from a quadrocopter 4K // DJI Mavic 2 (video of Wind of Eternity). It shows all the radio telescopes of Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory of Astro Space Center (PRAO ASC LPI).

  1. Big Scanning Array of Lebedev Physical Institute.
  2. RT22 - radio telescope with diameter of 22 meters.
  3. Dipole cross-shaped radio telescope (length 1 km), East-West direction.
  4. Dipole cross-shaped radio telescope, North-South direction (this part is currently not working).
  5. Building for the management of IPD and BSA.
  6. Building for the management of RТ-22.
  7. Village Bolshoe Gryzlovo and other settlements. (Pushchino is located on the opposite side).

BSA-SpaceWeather Project

Another area of work performed at the BSA FIAN radio telescope is the study of the Sun.
One of the results of many years of work is the creation of a prototype of the Space Weather service.
The second part of our website is dedicated to this project - «BSA-SpaceWeather».