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Papers on pulsars and transients search

1. [S1] The Discovery of New Pulsars on the BSA LPI Radio Telescope. I
Tyul'bashev S. A., Tyul'bashev V. S.
Astronomicheskii Tsirkulyar, 2015, Vol.1624, pp.1-4 (abstract in English and text in Russian)
2. [S2] The Discovery of New Pulsars on the BSA LPI Radio Telescope. II
Tyul'bashev S. A., Tyul'bashev V. S.
Astronomicheskii Tsirkulyar, 2015, Vol.1625, pp.1-4 (abstract in English and text in Russian)
3. [S3] Detection of new pulsars at 111 MHz
Tyul'bashev S.A., Tyul'bashev V.S., Oreshko V.V., Logvinenko S.V.
Astronomy Reports, 2016, Vol.60, No.2, pp.220-232
4. [S4] The Discovery of Radio Transients at 111 MHz
Tyul'bashev S. A., Tyul'bashev V. S.
Astronomicheskii Tsirkulyar, 2017, Vol.1636, pp.1-6 (abstract in English and text in Russian)
5. [S5] Search for and Detection of Pulsars in Monitoring Observations at 111 MHz
S. A. Tyul’bashev, V.S.Tyul’bashev, M.A.Kitaeva, A. I. Chernyshova, V.M.Malofeev, I.V.Chashei, V.I.Shishov, R. D. Dagkesamanskii, S.V.Klimenko, I. N. Nikitin, and L. D. Nikitina
Astronomy Reports, 2017, Vol.61, No.10, pp.848–858.
6. [S6] Detection of Five New RRATs at 111 MHz
S.A. Tyul’bashev, V.S.Tyul’bashev, V.M.Malofeev, S.V.Logvinenko, V.V.Oreshko, R.D.Dagkesamanskii, I.V.Chashei, V.I.Shishov, and N.N.Bursov
Astronomy Reports, 2018, Vol.62, No.1, pp.63–71.
7. [S7] Detection of 25 new rotating radio transients at 111 MHz
Sergey A. Tyul'bashev, Vladislav S. Tyul'bashev, Valery M. Malofeev
Astronomy & Astrophysics, 2018, Vol.618, id.A70
8. [S8] Detection of Five New Pulsars with the BSA LPI Radio Telescope
S.A. Tyul’bashev, M.A. Kitaeva, V.S. Tyul’bashev, V.M. Malofeev, and G.E. Tyul’basheva
Astronomy Reports, 2020, Vol.64, No.6, pp.526–532.
9. [S9] Detection of Two New RRAT at the Frequency of 111 MHz
Logvinenko S.V., Tyul'bashev S.A., Malofeev V.M.
Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute, 2020, Vol.47, Issue 12, pp.390-393
10. [S10] Search for Periodic Emission from Five Gamma-Ray Pulsars at the Frequency of 111 MHz
S.A. Tyul’bashev, M.A. Kitaevaa, and G.E. Tyulbasheva
Astronomy Reports, 2021, Vol.65, No.9, pp.819–825.
11. [S11] Search for dispersed pulses with declinations from +56о to +87о
S.A. Tyul’bashev, M.A. Kitaeva, Logvinenko S.V., G.E. Tyul’basheva
Astronomy Reports, 2021, Vol.98, No.12, pp.1010-1018
12. [S12] Pushchino multibeam pulsar search: I. Targeted search of weak pulsars (in press)
S.A. Tyul’bashev, M.A. Kitaeva, G.E. Tyul’basheva
13. [S13] Revisiting to Pushchino RRAT search with neural network
Tyul’bashev S.A., Pervukhin D.V., Kitaeva M.A., Tyul’basheva G.E., Brylyakova E.A., Chernosov A.V.
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2022, Vol.664, id.A37
14. [S14] Statistic of pulse signal detection in a area with declination from +42o to +52o at a frequency of 111 MHz
Samodurov V.A., Tyul’bashev S.A., Toropov M.O., Logvinenko S.V.
Astronomy Reports, 2022, Vol.66, Issue 4, p.341-347

Research papers

15. [R1] Investigation of radio pulsar emission features using power spectra
V.M. Malofeev and S.A. Tyul’bashev
Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2018, Vol.18, ID 096
16. [R2] Nulling Phenomenon of the New Radio Pulsar J0810+37 at a Frequency of 111 MHz
Teplykh D.A., Malofeev V.M.
Bulletin of the Lebedev Physics Institute, 2019, Vol.46, Issue 12, pp.380-382
17. [R3] Pulse energy distribution for RRAT J0139+33 according to observations at the frequency 111 MHz
Brylyakova E.A., Tyul'bashev S.A.
Astronomy and Astrophysics, 2021, Vol.647, id.A191
18. [R4] Black Holes and Neutron Stars in an Oscillating Universe
Gorkavyi N.N., Tyul'bashev S.A.
Astrophysical Bulletin, 2021, Vol. 76, Issue 3, p.229-247

arXiv:2110.11897v1 [astro-ph.CO] 22 October 2021
19. [R5] Investigation of four rotating radio transients properties at 111 MHz
S.A. Tyul’bashev, T.V. Smirnova, E.A. Brylyakova, M.A. Kitaeva
MNRAS, 2021, Soc.508, pp.2815-2822
20. [R6] Pushchino multibeam pulsar search: II. Long-term variability of RRATs (submitted)
T.V. Smirnova, S.A. Tyul'bashev, E.A. Brylyakova, M.A. Kitaeva, I.V. Chashei, G.E. Tyul'basheva, V.V. Oreshko, S.V. Logvinenko
MNRAS, 2022