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Below we have collected films about the Pushchino Observatory and its scientists, shot in different years. Аll films are in Russian, but if you are interested, you can watch them with simultaneous translation of videos on YouTube. (How to install a simultaneous translator can be found on the Internet).

1. = 07.12.2022 = Redakciya.Nauka. "An unusual telescope"

A film about the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory. Wonderful journalist Polina Krivykh, a psychophysiologist and popularizer of science, travels to the most interesting Russian and foreign laboratories and tells how they work. Arriving in Pushchino, she visited the heart of the radio telescope, learned what exactly is being studied on Pushchino telescopes, how astronomers explore and discover new pulsars, watch the solar wind and predict space weather. And she also looked into the Pushchino laboratory of the Astro Space Center, where they make a mirror of the "Millimetron" – the most complex space telescope in Russia.

2. = 19.08.2021 = TVC Pushchino. "Pushchinsky Perseids - 2021"

The report of the Pushchinsky television about the traditional scientific and educational festival "Pushchino Perseids", held at the Pushchino Observatory on August 14, 2021.

3. = 15.04.2021 = TVC Pushchino. "Voices of distant stars are listening in the Pushchino"

The report of the Pushchino television about the open day in the PRAO ACC FIAN - April 2021.

4. = 18.12.2020 = TOGETHER.DOC. "Science City Pushchino"

A very good documentary about the Pushchino science city, its biological institutes and the Pushchino Observatory.

5. = 13.11.2020 = Astro Channel. "Pushchino Observatory: radio astronomy in Russia"

The film is about the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory, the Astrocosmic Center in Moscow, the Radioastron and Millimetron projects, and about Russian science in general.

6. = 21.04.2015 = TNT WINDOW. "Open day at Pushchinskaya Observatory"

A nice report about the Open Day at the Pushchino Observatory. Only three minutes, but you will definitely smile! :)

7. = 29.08.2013 = Russia-1. Vesti-Moscow. "The closed Pushchinskaya Observatory has become available for tourists"

A short report from 2013 for Vesti-Moscow news about excursions to the Pushchino Observatory and dreams of building a planetarium in it. While these dreams remain dreams, but who knows what lies ahead?

8. = 28.06.2013 = Dmitry Zavilgelsky's film. "Once we were stars"

The author of the film is Dmitry Zavilgelsky, director of documentary and popular science films, winner of many awards and film festivals, author of more than 40 documentaries. The film turned out to be very atmospheric and interesting. About astronomy and astronomers, professionals and amateurs. And about the fact that once we were stars...

9. = 27.06.2012 = PodmoskovieTV. "Tourist map: Pushchino"

A very nice tourist-journalist came to Pushchino, and in one day he managed to do a lot: he talked with residents on the streets, visited the Museum of Ecology and Local Lore, the Pushchino Observatory, went to the Pushchino estate, and made a small but very pleasant film. Ten years have passed, and we have not forgotten this guy, warmth and sympathy for him have remained with us. And we are very glad that we find this movie on the Internet and post it on our page - now it will not be lost!

By the way, there is a little slyness in the film. Nikolai first came to the observatory, spent three hours in it, and from there he already ran to the museum. And in the film it is shown as if on the contrary :) He was without a car, moved around the city only on foot. Interestingly, it remains in my memory that he was alone, and filmed everything himself with a small camera mounted on a stick, but it is clear from the filming that this is not so - the shooting was conducted by his invisible comrade, whom we did not remember.

10. = 09.09.2011 = Science 2.0. "Sun Trap"

A popular science film about the Sun with the participation of employees of the Pushchino Observatory, filmed by the RTR channel in 2011. It was repeatedly shown on TV on the channels Science 2.0 and Russia-2.

11. = 20.08.2010 = News of the Moscow region. "Night of Perseids at Pushchino Observatory"

A short story for the News of the Moscow Region channel about the "Perseid Night" at the Pushchino Observatory. The Perseids are a meteor shower that appears annually in August from the constellation Perseus. Every year at this time, an Open Day is held in PRAO, to which amateur astronomers from different parts of Russia come with their telescopes, and just people who are interested in visiting excursions, listening to stories about astronomy, and in the evening look through telescopes at the starry sky, and if lucky, see the star rain. Every year there are more and more telescopes on the site in front of the observatory, and at the same time the number of ordinary visitors is growing. This tradition arose and exists thanks to the enthusiasm of Vladimir Samodurov, who over the years, of course, has acquired a lot of assistants, but on which everything still holds. How this day passed 12 years ago can be seen in this report.

12. = 27.09.2009 = The very first historical tour of PRAO. Vladimir Samodurov.

Vladimir Samodurov's first test tour of the observatory was on September 27, 2009, in the year of astronomy, as part of the movement of observatories «100 Hours of Astronomy». It was with this excursion and with Volodya's enthusiasm that the PRAO Open Days were born and grew up.

13. = 11.04.2006 = Vladimir Samodurov's video clip "PRAO: history and modernity in faces and metal"

This is a video presentation for the 50th anniversary of the Pushchino Radio Astronomy Observatory. The video presents historical photographs of the construction of the telescopes of the Pushchino Observatory and the city itself, footage from the life of the observatory staff of those years, and video sketches from twenty years ago.

14. = 2003 year = Russian television. "Report from a closed facility"

A documentary about the Pushchinsky Observatory. 2003. It's nice to see the faces of our employees 20 years ago :)

15. = 1984 year = Soviet television. "Pushchino on the Oka"

A documentary about Pushchino. There are no words or comments in the film. It's worth seeing it just to look at the city and the faces of its inhabitants forty years ago...

16. = 1972 year = Soviet television. "New city on the Oka"

A documentary about Pushchino 50 years ago. The city is only 6 years old. This is not the best of the Soviet-era documentaries. But to watch it is curious to see the history, and to feel the contrast - especially after watching the 2022 film "What's inside the telescope?", designed for modern youth. The silence, calmness and slow unhurried pace of the 1972 film seem incredible today.