Project - Program BSA-Analytics

The program BSA-Analytics written in Qt/C++ distributed under GPL V3.0 license.
The program consists of two blocks written to search for pulsars and transients.

The first block carries out direct addition of the periods/unique pulses (or fast Furie search) and an exhaustive search over the possible dispersion measures. All detected periodic signals/unique pulses (transients) with signal-to-noise ratio SNR ≥ 4 for pulsars (SNR ≥ 5.5 for transients) are written to the a basic catalog.

The analysis of the detected signals is performed in the second block. The program can be used to compare the catalogs for all processed days for a number of parameters, and to carry out additional digital filtration.


Source code (github)
Installer for Windows /en/downloads.php#win
The sample of BSA data /en/downloads.php#examples
Pulsar music /en/downloads/long-data.wav