Project - History of project

January 30, 2015. The first search of pulsars in the old laptop with broken keyboard, CMOS battery, drive, touchpad. The laptop is partially disassembled and upside down, so as not to overheat.

March 31, 2017 Found pulsars.
The pictures show the Fourier transform of the power spectrum, the arrow shows the pulsar.

April 2017. Delivered disk shelf Synamtec Huawei S2300 from Yekaterinburg.

Safe with archive of observations from BSA LPI in 5 years.

The disk shelf running in JBOD mode. RAID start did not, because after the combustion of the disks, change them simply.
24 working drive - 24 the green light.

Server running with storage shelf. So it looks like from the inside. Xeon processor, Xeon Phi coprocessor, the Adaptec 5405z adapter SAS8088-SAS8087.

30.05.2017. Bought 6 drives 8 terabytes (bottom row).
Here is the full archive of observations of BSA LPI in 5 years.
the Total amount of disks 102 terabytes.

Parse disk shelf before moving it to the server room.

The remaining disks. They are now placed in the safe. The stock discs will last until Oct.