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Nick Gorkavyi. «An Oscillating Universe»

In February 2023, the Publishing House of Chelyabinsk State University published Nikolai Gorkavy's book «An Oscillating Universe».

Gorkavyi, N. An Oscillating Universe / N. Gorkavyi. — Chelyabinsk : Publishing House of Chelyabinsk State University, 2023. — 245 с. — ISBN 978-5-7271-1869-6.

Book available for reading on the website Scientific Library of Chelyabinsk State University.

Our website contains an electronic version of this book. It has a different layout and cover, and contains some corrections and additions made by the author after its publication. This version of the book is kept up-to-date by the author.

Nick Gorkavyi, «An Oscillating Universe», PDF - read
Nick Gorkavyi, «An Oscillating Universe», PDF - download
Nick Gorkavyi, «An Oscillating Universe», EPUB - download

Updates to the electronic version of the book:
05/23/2023 - fixed some inaccuracies.
07/25/2023 - added paragraph 20.3 «Relic kilohertz gravitational waves».
09/06/2023 - fixed some inaccuracies.
09/25/2023 - fixed some inaccuracies.

About the author

Gorkavyi Nikolay Nikolaevich,
Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (MSU, 1990),
laureate of the USSR State Prize (1989) and the prize named after him. Robert Goddard (NASA/GSFC, 2013).
Author of more than one hundred scientific articles, three scientific monographs and six popular science books.
The asteroid 4654 Gor'kavyj is named after him.

Photo: observation of the 2017 total solar eclipse


The newest cosmological revolution began in 2015, when gravitational waves were discovered from the merger of many invisible black holes of stellar masses that make up the dark matter of the cosmos. This discovery led to the creation of a model of an oscillating universe, in the dynamics of which gravitational radiation and black holes play a key role. This book is the first to describe cyclic cosmology, explaining the physical mechanism of the Big Bang and the modern acceleration of the expansion of the Universe (the phenomenon of the positive cosmological constant or "dark energy"). The main text of the book is written in popular level, but the application contains an exhaustive mathematical description of an oscillating universe with variable gravitational mass. The book is of interest to a wide range of readers, physics students and specialists.

Theory of the oscillating Universe - key publications

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2. A modified Friedmann equation for a system with varying gravitational mass
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3. A Possible Solution for the Cosmological Constant Problem
Nick Gorkavyi, Alexander Vasilkov, John Mather
In: Proc. 2nd World Summit: Exploring the Dark Side of the Universe. 25-29 June, 2018, University of Antilles, Pointe-à-Pitre, Guadeloupe, France
4. Black Holes and Neutron Stars in an Oscillating Universe
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5. Gravitational wave background discovered by NANOGrav as evidence of a cyclic universe
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